ACL Digital's exceptional and innovative product and solution engineering services allow the creation of new products and platforms that enable telecom operators to offer digital services to consumers and enterprises beyond just connectivity. We amplify market relevance by improving performance and revenue potential for Telcos and equipment manufacturers.

Our market-proven framework, design patterns, virtualized components, and accelerators help telecom operators transition while reducing time-to-market and optimizing cost. We help telecom operators and equipment manufacturers in their journey towards next-gen telecom networks and solutions by leveraging our expertise in the areas of 5G, Edge Computing, IoT, Cloudification, Telco Cloud, Microservices, SDN/NFV, and AI/Machine Learning.

Overview-Telecom Service


ACL Digital's unique solution engineering services and expertise stack amplify market relevance by improving performance and revenue potential by managing increased traffic and the number of connected devices for telecom service providers.

5G Networks
Enable organizations to evolve 5G with fully programmable, open, and ultra-low latency service.
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ACL Digital offers end-to-end security services for enabling telecom network infrastructure.
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Edge Cloud
Open architecture framework to build, deploy, orchestrate, validate, and monitor edge cloud infrastructure.
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Network Transformation
We offer future-ready telecom services through network transformation.
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Automation Orchestration
Our solutions address the need for speed with a highly customizable automation platform.
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ACL Digital provides end-to-end service delivery to telecom service providers across the globe. Our experts are focused on delivering customized solutions to customers. The association with the customer starts from business case definition to global resourcing model, local fulfillment, portfolio, and program management.

We will support all aspects of the Telco value chain, including product and service innovation, commercialization, and delivery.

  • Consulting services
  • Solution engineering 
  • Product engineering and innovation
  • VNF performance characterization and benchmarking 
  • Test and test automation services
  • System integration
  • Managed services


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