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ACL Digital and Partner to Take AI-Driven Drone Technology to New Heights

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February 15, 2024

The strategic partnership enhances ACL Digital’s capabilities with, focusing on AI drone solutions for UAVs, IoT, and edge computing to revolutionize operations significantly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions.

San Jose, CA – 15 February 2024 – ACL Digital, an ALTEN group company, a design-led Digital Experience, Product Innovation, Solutions, Engineering Services, Digital Transformation, Telecommunications, Cloud, Networking, and AI/ML solutions leader, has forged an innovative partnership with, a leading advanced drone technology solutions provider to revolutionize AI-powered drone solutions and services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in propelling the future of AI-powered drones and revolutionizing industries worldwide.

The partnership will leverage’s and ACL Digital’s pioneering work in developing advanced AI/ML algorithms for uncrewed vehicles, IoT, and C-V2X. Together, the companies will address critical challenges in the drone industry, including autonomous navigation, adaptability, task execution, and data processing.

The strategic alliance will empower drone operators and service providers to harness AI solutions and utilize machine-learning models to enhance drone capabilities. With a primary focus on advancing intelligent UAV technology solutions, combined with ACL Digital’s broad spectrum of offerings in Telecom, Semiconductor, Digital, and Device Engineering capabilities, this partnership will redefine the conduct of missions beyond the visual line of sight. 

"This collaboration brings together ACL Digital’s proven expertise in product engineering and system integration capabilities with’s cutting-edge AI technology,” said Ramandeep Singh, CEO of ACL Digital. “This powerful combination will help us to provide innovative drone solutions that bolster safety measures, revolutionize operations, and create new opportunities across various industries. Moreover, AI/ML solutions will actively ensure safe drone operations, even during emergencies, by detecting obstacles like cranes, predicting geographical conditions, and assessing ground risks." has achieved significant breakthroughs in drone applications through the following:

Autonomous Navigation: AI algorithms enable real-time analysis of surroundings, obstacle identification, and flight path adjustments for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Adaptability: AI-powered drones continuously learn and adapt, improving reliability and effectiveness.

Complex Task Execution: Drones execute precise maneuvers, multi-drone coordination, and complex data collection and analysis.

Real-time Data Processing and Edge Computing: Drones process and analyze data on the fly, which is critical for applications like surveillance, inspection, and search & rescue.

"The ability to fly drones Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) represents the next big opportunity for commercial drone operators,” said Rajesh Rasalkar,’s co-founder. “To transform the economics of Drone BVLOS deployment, is building the industry’s 1st AI-assisted Drone Autonomous solution with integrated intelligent routes and several other innovations that optimize the performance, security, and safety of Drones. We are excited to partner with ACL Digital to realize this vision."

About, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is at the forefront of technological innovation in UAVs by building AI/ML applications in a wireless environment. By leveraging the power of reinforcement learning, we are revolutionizing how UAVs navigate and interact with their wireless environments, ensuring faster and more reliable connectivity for real-time control and response, higher throughput to transmit high-definition video and sensor data, improved safety by avoiding no-fly zones or crowded areas, and enhanced battery life.’s AI/ML applications also support V2X and IoT initiatives, driving innovation for optimal connectivity and operational efficiency.

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About ACL Digital

ACL Digital, an ALTEN Group Company, is a digital product innovation and engineering leader. We help our clients design and build innovative products (AI, Cloud, and Mobile ready), content and commerce-driven platforms, and connected, converged digital experiences for the modern world through a design-led Digital Transformation framework.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, ACL Digital is a leader in design-led digital experience, innovation, enterprise modernization, and product engineering services converging to Technology, Media & Telecom. The company has a workforce of 57,100+ spread across more than 30+ countries.

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