Leveraging advanced security analytics on user behavior, endpoints and network, MDR detects, investigates and responds to cyber threats, and tackles threats which are not addressed by the traditional security monitoring.

At ACL Digital, we integrate technologies like AI and machine learning with MDR to not only detect threats but also investigate, auto contain threats, and orchestrate response. As part of our MDR service, we analyze all the factors and indicators involved in an alert and make recommendations to the organization based on the interpretation of the security events.

Overview-Managed Detection and Response


Security Events and Incident Monitoring

We bring in the best SIEM technologies to collect event logs and security events on a 24/7 support model.

  • Security device management, configuration management and Perimeter defense management
  • Create custom use cases for case management
  • Threat intelligence feed for proactive vulnerability monitoring

Intelligent incident Response and Analytics

Automated Incident response and analysis by leveraging Security Orchestration, Automation and response platform (SOAR).

  • Using Machine Learning based Algorithms, UEBA and Playbooks
  • Integrate commercial and open source threat intelligence tools for enrichment

Threat Hunting

Our threat hunting experts verify the outputs from Security monitoring tools to

  • Remove false positives
  • Query the data information and systems
  • Detect attacks

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

We provide the ability to comprehensively scan the network, and identify exposures and security weaknesses — including on-premise and multi-cloud environments.

  • Establish the scope and schedules for scans
  • Provide internal and external penetration testing services
  • Identify the vulnerabilities by using Open source as well as commercial security tools

Threat Intelligence Services

Our threat intelligence team provides pre-emptive threat intelligence services to organizations. The extended view about the motive behind the attack, TTP’s and when thereat actors are setting up the infrastructure for an attack, will be informed in a timely manner.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

As part of our End Point Detection and Response Service, using continuous threat intelligence, we uninterruptedly monitor the end devices to detect advanced endpoint threats automatically, including those designed to evade traditional antivirus tools.