ACL Digital’s DevOps solutions and services are offered across the lifecycle from assessment and implementation to operations, addressing diverse customer needs. Leveraging an in-house Automation and Orchestration framework, we address the end to end application lifecycle management activities encompassing Develop, Deploy, and Operate.


Our DevOps Transformation Services covers



  • Gap analysis for Continuous Improvement and Delivery
  • Technology tools and scripts for automation
  • Assess organization maturity and readiness
  • Discover workflows, and security aspects in an enterprise
  • Develop DevOps adoption roadmap to support multiple IT operating model


  • Baseline and standardize metrics, and SLAs for application deployment
  • Comprehensive Agile DevOps training and workshops
  • Continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and continuous Testing 
  • DevOps Governance model for continuous evolution
  • DevOps Intelligence platforms and dashboards


  • Test releases and regression tests
  • Software flaws and security vulnerabilities
  • SLAs and metrics of application delivery 
  • User and application workflows, and security incidents
  • Multi-cloud application deployment and micro services