ACL Digital’s Microsoft Partnership spans 19+ years from being a Product partner to strategic go-to-market partners globally. Our partnership is aligned with the cornerstone philosophy of the 'Connected Customers, Converged experiences' on digital transformation for the AI, Mobile-first Cloud-first world. The key idea includes engaging the customers to transform business processes and deliver digital customer experience through Dynamics 365 and Azure, empowering employees and enhancing productivity through O365, Windows 10, Azure security services, and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

We are committed to optimizing business operations to deliver efficiency and agility with Azure Hybrid Cloud for the Datacenters and Azure IoT for the devices in the field, and offering transformational products with Cortana Analytics to drive actionable insights for delivering better business value. At ACL Digital, one of our primary focus areas is to help Enterprises “Build Next Generation Products and Platforms” leveraging Microsoft technologies.

With Microsoft occupying a significant portion of the enterprise IT landscape, we have proven experience in helping customers with

  • Re-engineering from desktop oriented legacy products to new web-based technologies
  • Technology up-gradation to leverage key features and benefits of the latest .Net framework, MVC
  • SaaS enablement using SOA with REST APIs (ASP, .NET, Web API)





ACL Digital helps customers optimize their applications, platform, services, and organizational performance. We provide a wide range of services and solutions for Microsoft’s product to help enterprises in their digital transformation journey, delivering enhancements across the enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
Improve productivity and efficiency of your financial operations with ACL Digital’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
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Consulting & Strategy
Assessment of Business objectives and impact to prioritize your transformation
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IT Services
Intelligent Platforms, ADMS, End to End Integration and Testing
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Managed Services
Manage, monitor & optimize Key assets across the enterprise on a turnkey basis
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Enhance data quality and consistency with our NextGen business intelligence
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SharePoint Offerings
Speed up shared business processes for a consistent user experience
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