The new digital age expects agility, flexibility, ease of use application that can address, handle maintain all the enterprise entity of any organization. Starting from, SKU, Products, financials and the system actors associated with the business can run seamlessly only if there is an end-to-end automated solution, which addresses all the enterprise touchpoints of digitally driven business. Oracle ERP comes as a one-stop-shop for all the enterprise resource planning needs of any business.

The Oracle ERP Cloud delivers the significant potential to run any small, mid-size, and larger organizations and provides great working and business experiences. Implementing Oracle ERP / Migrating from an on-premise ERP system to the cloud would improve operation efficiency, digital transformation, and growth.

Overview-Oracle ERP


Oracle ERP Financials

Oracle ERP financials module helps the organization to effectively handle and manage its financial model. It is a unified finance platform that addresses all the financial modules like account payables, account receivables, etc. This module of the ERP application can be customized as per the business practices for each enterprise-level business organization. 

Oracle ERP system’s financial ability empowers modern finance, expense management, accounting engines, revenue management and so on. The key feature of this module streamlines accounting, general ledgers, expense processing automation and reports related financial modules.

Oracle ERP Procurement

Manufacturing is a key operating area and is very critical in filling the supply chain gaps in the factories and industries. The business collapses due to the major disconnect in the business system and manual processes as it consumes more time and it impacts key strategic decisions and organizational planning. Oracle ERP procurement is an important arm of ERP solution which is a mandatory business need for all the manufacturing business organizations which would enhance the procurement operations and strengthen the process.
This module of ERP offers end to end purchasing solutions which can be easily automated to have procure-to-pay transactions. Oracle ERP procurement module allows the business to have enhanced insights into their business which is completely driven by data.

Oracle ERP Manufacturing

It is one of the key areas in the ERP module. Management always would like to know about the availability of stocks in their inventory, based on which a decision would be taken on the production lines. This module aims to have a check and streamlining of the production cycle as failing to do so would have a great impact on the supply chain of the product. This module consists of inventory management, purchase order, process manufacturing discrete manufacturing and manufacture intelligence modules. 
This application comes with data-driven extremely enhanced insights and a complete set of reporting functionality with real-time performance data to enhance and boost productivity and profit.