Smart and connected devices are reshaping how companies work and thrive. All intelligent and connected products, including industrial equipment and home appliances, need companies to develop and support a new technology infrastructure. This technology stack offers a gateway for data exchange between the user and the product and unifies data from external sources, business systems, and other related products.

From Intelligent (IoT) Edge to Smart Workspace, Augmented Intelligence, and other drivers, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become one of the most effective disruptors across all businesses. Many business enterprises often ponder how technology can improve their existing process. They cannot visualize where this could take their business or what is needed for them to be competitive in this new ecosystem.

To uncover the true value of digital, organizations must focus on digitally interconnecting the efforts of the front, middle, and back offices and creating a connected enterprise aligned with strategic goals. ACL Digital will help you choose the right technology and bring expertise in technology, networks, analytics, security, and more to solve your business problems.

Connected Enterprise Overview

Our connected enterprise offerings

To fuel profitable growth, ACL Digital’s connected enterprise offers a customer-centric, risk-optimized path to successful customer experiences. Our experts take an enterprise-wide approach to digital transformation aligning the back, middle, and front offices. We deliver value through our innovative capabilities and solutions.

Assessment & Advocacy
(Business Case, Architecture, Security).
IoT Solution Development
From uninterrupted connectivity to data protection, security, and smooth user experience, ACL Digital has the technical know-how and experience to transform the way enterprises manage their assets by connecting everyone and everything. We offer smart and end-to-end IoT solutions to meet the needs of every industry.
IoT Cloud Platforms
IoT and cloud are driving opportunities for extended business growth. At ACL Digital, our experts can help your enterprise obtain essential insights to enhance operations and facilitate innovative business models. The IoT solutions we offer will help you take advantage of data and analytics from your connected devices.
IoT Analytics & AI-Driven IoT
Many business organizations have data flowing continuously from smart home devices, automobiles, and personal devices. If you want to build a robust IoT analysis-based system, look no further than ACL Digital. We help you capitalize on data and unlock the true potential of IoT data. You can rely on us to create efficient IoT operations, boost human-machine interactions, and enrich data management and analytics using AI-driven IoT.
Industry Automation (IIOT)
ACL Digital, the preferred IoT 4.0 solutions provider, supports OEMs in reducing the sophistication of developing IIoT applications with its industrial IoT solution engineering capacities. You can count on us for engineering services like IIoT device connectivity, a real-time remote monitoring system, Human Machine Interface (HMI) system development, cloud integrations, and predictive maintenance solutions.