Business needs of enterprises are rapidly changing across all sectors of various industries. The CIO & IT function is the forebearer of implementing digital strategies to become more agile and effective in delivering services to business units and their end customers. Digital transformation is about growing the speed, quality, and achieving business goals using innovative technology and DevOps and Agile processes make it happen through continuous development, testing and integration of the applications during the development process. DevOps accelerates software delivery and eases the cross-stage transitions that occur throughout the software development life cycle. This brings different stakeholders from business, development and operations teams together to streamline software delivery.

ACL Digital's DevOps offering enables enterprises to achieve a connected DevOps toolchain for end-to-end application release thereby enabling reliable releases and faster time to market. This ultimately saves a huge amount of time involved in the application deployment process for businesses, providing them an opportunity to drive innovation and stay ahead of the technology disruptions.



ACL Digital’s DevOps led Enterprise Agility offerings provide a comprehensive view across application release management, release automation, and continuous deployment by leveraging Multi-Domain Test Orchestrator (MDTO), DevSecOps, and Agile Framework (SAFe).

Multi Domain Test Orchestrator (MDTO)
Test Automation and Release Management made easy
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Development lifecycle with a Security Approach
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Agile Framework (SAFe)
Agile Framework for Flexibility and Reliability
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Providing our customers with a host of DevOps and Agility services like Consulting, Transformation and Test Automation, ACL Digital aims at accelerating software delivery and easing the cross-stage transitions that occur throughout the software life cycle.

Transformation Services

  • Gap analysis for continuous improvement and delivery
  • Comprehensive Agile DevOps training and workshops
  • Multi-cloud application deployment and microservices
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Test Automation Services

  • One-click deployments and rollback of applications and software code
  • Configure automated alerts for application management
  • Disaster Recovery Services
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Consulting Services

  • Assessment and health check 
  • Tools and Process Advisory
  • Solution design and architecture
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