Businesses must develop cloud-enabled and state-of-the-art technology platforms to enrich their engagement with partners, customers, and other stakeholders in this ever-evolving market. The platform industry disrupts other industries, and as the change to services explodes, platforms must modernize and revive engineering for the new world. High-quality digital platforms are powered by analytics, data science, and cloud, follow security standards, and lend themselves to be utilized for enhanced time to market and future requirements of the company.

ACL Digital’s end-to-end platform engineering services offer complete support across all stages of an organization’s transformation journey - from planning, developing, migrating, and deploying to supporting and sustaining. We leverage AI and ML to use data and help your business enterprise accomplish immense growth. You can depend on us to manage and maintain high-performance, scalable, and secure platforms.

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Our platform engineering offerings

We help organizations of all sizes improve and build the right products and services. Our platform engineers develop, build, and scale sophisticated and advanced platforms that strengthen your next innovation. ACL Digital’s platform engineering helps build a user-centric, integrated, and reusable technology stack.

Platform Engineering Team
You can depend on our highly experienced platform engineers to accelerate software delivery, design, and architect services. Likewise, we have the necessary skills to embrace dynamic change management, with continuous deployments and releases from multiple application teams that occur parallelly.
Bespoke Platform Development
The necessity to deliver more customer-centric, customized products and services has never been greater. We harness the right technology to develop an ecosystem where your clients are supported by integrated technology that enriches every aspect of their digital transformation journey. We provide a complete software development lifecycle, including design, development, and testing.
Hybrid Integration Platform
ACL Digital provides platforms built to connect cloud and on-premise data and applications. We also provide businesses with all the necessary tools to make a hybrid integration platform to integrate data and applications across multi-cloud ecosystems and on-premises.