We offer high-quality business IT support desk and remote network monitoring services. ACL Digital’s IT help desk services provide professional and immediate technical help desk support without expensive overheads. Our IT help desk services are available 24x7x365 via phone, email, web chat, or our secure web portal.

ACL Digital proposes three unique IT help desk service models and technical helpdesk support options for organizations of all sizes requiring a full or part-time support desk, an application or customer service desk, or a comprehensive technical service resource center.

IT Service Desk and Technical Help Desk Support Services

  1. Technical Help Desk Support Service
  2. Dedicated Labelled Technical Help Desk – In-house or offshore
  3. Shared India based Technical Help Desk - Offshore


Technical Help Desk Support Service


ACL Digital offers unlimited 24x7 technical support through industry-leading help desk support services for a variety of organizations, industries and technologies. Our live help desk is a core feature in our Managed IT service portfolio and we guarantee the availability of a live technical consultant within 30 seconds.

Our services include

  • Knowledgeable, certified, India based in-house staff
  • 24x7 coverage capability
  • Online live support with chat capabilities
  • Team leader and project manager provided
  • Multi-technology support
  • Complete trouble ticket tracking and reporting solution
  • Web-based incident reporting and status tools for end users
  • Tiered service levels and custom response requirements available
  • Optional shared operational control with in-house help desk team
  • On-site escalation support available on demand
  • Branded customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys

Dedicated Labelled technical Help Desk – In-house or offshore

For many organizations security is paramount and they do not want to compromise on it because of their business requirements. ACL Digital offers high-quality technical support for customers, partners, and other parties as a competitive necessity. Our 24x7 dedicated technical service desk is highly customizable with a variety of options to provide users with a unique IT service experience.

ACL Digital offers several private labelled help desk options to organizations that require the appearance of a dedicated internal support team or IT help desk.

Our dedicated Tech Support Help Desk features include

  • Custom automated system greetings
  • Custom live greetings
  • Online live support with chat capabilities
  • Custom email signatures with customer logos
  • Custom stylized email reports to all call-in users
  • Custom web portal with customer logo
  • Custom remote screen-sharing capability
  • Custom embedded customer satisfaction surveys

Help Shared India based Technical Help Desk - Offshore

With the right business IT services in place, organizations can spend more time focusing on business development.

Our shared outsourced India based Technical help desk IT support services can help businesses maintain operations and keep their workflow running. This model is helpful for those companies or groups who are not willing to spend much on in-house or dedicated outsourced technical helpdesk.