We offer end-to-end network lifecycle services and solutions, enabling customers to build and manage their wireless and wire-line network infrastructure. Our services span across the entire network ecosystem for companies and enterprises to help them build, operate and maintain in an optimized and cost-effective way.

We offer complete network lifecycle services such as network design, planning, deployment and network operations which help deliver voice, video and data services.

Our portfolio of network solutions and services can be broadly classified as:

WAN Network Services

We have extensive experience in providing optimized services through managed network operations. The WAN Network Services group helps customers’ network with:

  • Network build
  • Deployment
  • Service fulfillment
  • Management


Build Services

  • Requirements gathering
  • Resource implementation standards
  • Resource delivery
  • Budget management and project administration
  • Job risk identification and communication

Network Service Design and Activation includes

  • Establish feasibility
  • Design solution including creation of network diagrams, configuration files, system updates
  • Create service order, track and manage service provisioning
  • Implementing, configuring & activating service and testing
  • Service recovery and closure of service instance

Network Resource Provisioning includes

  • Allocating and installing resource including checking of ports, devices on various network elements, reservations and installations, and creating resource orders
  • Configuring and activating resources spread across core, access and transport networks
  • Managing resource provisioning, tracking and reporting
  • Resource recovery

Network Operations Services

Our NOC Build services cover

  • Gathering requirement and providing NMS tools solution
  • Planning the deployment architecture
  • Planning servers, storage for tools, logs, etc.
  • Estimating the resource count and number of seats based on the network and work volume
  • Tools development and integration with the network
  • Configuring desktops, display screens, video walls inside NOC

NOC Operation levels covered are

  • NOC Operate – Level 1 support
  • NOC Operate – Level 2 support
  • NOC Operate – Level 3 support
  • NOC Operate – Performance Management
  • NOC Operate – Configuration
  • NOC Transformation
  • Consultancy Services

Field Services

Field Services Offerings

Our Field Operations and Maintenance offering is a key business lever that enables operators to respond better to market challenges by allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

O&M based Field Operations include

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Third-Party Equipment
  • Active Maintenance
  • Spare Parts Management

Governance Model

Our governance model includes functional, horizontal regional heads who own deliveries in a region, state, or province. These functional heads report along a hierarchical chain which culminates at the country head level. Advantages of the governance model are:

  • Cohesive, functional structure that helps in quality management, process management, and effective and efficient utilization of MS tools
  • Synergy and effective management reporting and escalation management

Program Management features

  • End-to-end ownership of operations, including key performance indicators (KPIs), service level agreements (SLAs) and system improvement and governance
  • Governance including management reporting, dashboarding and escalation management
  • Complete ownership of field operations management
  • End-to-end equipment maintenance (Passive and Active), including spares management SLA and KPI management