In today's competitive, ever-changing VUCA world, speed is of the essence. Expectations from customers are ever-increasing and ever-changing. It is paramount that organizations constantly challenge the status quo and are in front of innovation, digitization, and transformation.

At ACL Digital our core tenets of partnership revolve around Innovation, Digitization & Transformation, where at each step, we collaborate/co-create with our customers to help them stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.

Product Engineering Overview
Product Engineering Overview

Product Engineering services offered at ACL Digital cover the whole spectrum from chip to cloud, software to Hardware to Embedded Systems, and data engineering to infra-transformation. We act as an extended arm of our customers, helping them not only in new product development programs but also in reengineering their current and reimagining the future to meet their end customers' ever-changing needs and demands.

A testament to the value we have brought to the table is the three decade legacy and long standing relationship we share with our customers across the globe, who have trusted us in different stages of this journey, from concept to rollout. We have leveraged best practices, latest methodologies, top talent, engineering DNA, tool & accelerators to help grow and thrive in the new Normal.

We serve enterprises, ISVs & product startups to become more agile and build their leadership position by being their product engineering & digital transformation partner.


Product Design & Development
Our product development & design service encompasses the entire product cycle, from conceptualization and documentation of specifications & prerequisites to building extraordinary designs and developing the product with state-of-the-art technologies. We enable platform switching with a seamless user experience and connectivity across devices to drive better business outcomes.
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Product Modernization
Re-engineering and revitalizing current portfolios using cutting-edge technologies to align with evolving innovation demands. Upgrading technology, rejuvenating user experience, modernizing architecture and enabling analytics to provide a promising digital experience.
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Quality Engineering & Automation
Fueling speed, quality, and productivity with high-end technological solutions and an intelligence-driven approach. Delivering human-centric experiences across connected devices, technologies, and platforms. Automate QA processes to ensure maximized testing outcomes, faster market-time, richer quality, and cost optimization.
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Product Sustenance & Support
Extending the life and core performance of legacy products with niche expertise in product sustenance engineering, preventive support services and predictive maintenance services to achieve operational excellence & efficiency, revenue growth, and better product market positioning.
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Application Security
Accelerate the product development and integration securely with best-in-class DevSecOps services, application architecture analysis, and top-notch threat detection & prevention technology which help you reduce costs and minimize application vulnerabilities.
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Hardware Engineering
From requirement specification & architecture realization through testing & validation to design & development, we facilitate future-ready products and unified interoperability of the entire system/product, helping you stay on top of the competition.
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Our Digital Product Innovation & Engineering Methodology 


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Empowering Businesses with Next-gen Technology & Solutions

Platform Engineering

Engineering open, scalable, and futuristic platforms for businesses shifting from legacy to platform-based model mindset and helping them navigate facets of the digitized landscape.

IT-OT Integration and Systems Development

Amplifying product's functionality, capability, and market potential by employing unique technology solutions such as Manufacturing IoT, Operations Management, IT-OT systems integration, Security, and Industrial IoT.

Next-Gen Digital Engineering

Catering to the entire spectrum of digital transformation requirements; from product strategy to operations/support, maintaining operational stability and efficiency, with the help of the latest technology innovations – Industry X.0, AI/ML, AR/VR, Data, 5G, Cloud & Analytics.

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