Digital innovation, cloud adoption, and the recent widespread shift to remote workplace have fundamentally transformed the network security services. The dynamically changing network configurations and the rapid expansion of the attack surface are the challenges resulting from digital innovation efforts.  Many of the traditional security solutions are no longer adequate to provide the level of security and access control needed by the organizations and users to meet the digital innovation efforts. To provide low-latency access to end users, devices and cloud hosted services anywhere, enterprises require Secure access service edge (SASE) offerings.

ACL Digital’s SASE framework provides cloud native security functions like secure SD-WAN, Secure web gateways, cloud access security brokerage, Identity and Access Management, Cloud delivered FwaaS, WAF and zero-trust network access. With ACL Digital’s SASE framework, Telecommunication service providers and enterprises can reduce the time to develop new products, deliver them to the market, and quickly respond to changes in business conditions and the competitive Security landscape.

Overview-Security (SASE)


ACL Digital’s SASE solutions are designed to extend and enhance the security control of the Work force, workloads and workplace which can be seamlessly integrated into the larger Security Fabric. ACL Digital provides customized solutions with a range of advanced connectivity and security technologies, ensuring that the organizations’ SASE solution is designed to adapt and evolve with the changing requirements.

Secure SD-WAN
A fully integrated cloud hosted Secure SD-WAN solution that provides robust suite of both integrated networking and security features and functions. It enables central management of security services and policy enforcement.
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Zero Trust Network Access
Gain adaptive access control to applications, workloads and users accessing from anywhere. Enforce consistent security control across cloud applications, remote and BYOD users, while logically defining the policies and simplifying policy management.
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Cloud Security
Cloud enabled Network and security service layer to centrally enforce the policies and access control. Consolidated secure access services across public and private cloud. Multi cloud networking and security control access to all users and applications.
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Security as a Service : ACL Digital enables SASE to deliver a rich set of network security services in a consistent and integrated manner to support the needs of digital business transformation.

SASE Services allow cloud-based centralized management of policies with distributed enforcement points logically close to the entity. The cloud-native SASE solution converges with SD-WAN, VNF based full stack network security services to provide seamless integration for cloud resources, mobile devices and BYOD users. Our list of services includes:

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