For the last 25+ years, staffing, talent management, and recruiting top-notch talent have been in our DNA. We constantly manage, deploy, and move 2000+ consultants and engineers across multiple assignments leveraging our 360-degree talent management framework to support our client operations.

From being an independent staffing vendor, gradually growing and maturing as a subcontractor for various MSP and VMS programs, ACL Digital has built MSP/VMS-friendly processes, platforms, and methodologies to redefine the recruitment lifecycle.

msp staffing

Some of the key highlights of our MSP/VMS Experience include

  • 100% compliance score across clients from different industries

  • 20+ large Fortune clients serviced through various MSP/VMS programs

  • Ranked Top 5 vendor with >90% of clients

  • Excellent consultant care to drive high retention, conversion, and assignment completion rates

  • Support all 50 states in US & leverage ALTEN Group (parent company) strengths globally

  • Partnership with leading Global Universities


MSPs and VMSs we support

We are currently among the top suppliers for several mid to large Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management Solutions (VMS) run National Contingent Workforce programs across the US. We ensure successful service delivery by leveraging mature methodologies and practices, working with solid knowledge, and understanding of several leading vendor management tools currently utilized by our clients.

MSP and VMS Staffing