ACL Digital collaboratively works with customers to define a Statement of Work (SOW) for individual projects and programs, detailing milestones, timelines, pricing, and engineering specialists' specific roles and responsibilities.

With our SOW services, enterprise back-office operations, and shared services organizations, we have successfully redesigned customers' operating models, reinvented experience, improved efficiency, and reduced operational costs. Our expert teams provide a better, forward-thinking way of managing your SOW and spending analysis.


statement of work

Through our - SOW based staffing, we address

  • Purpose and scope of the work to be performed
  • Period of performance
  • Objectives and related background information
  • Tasks of the contractor
  • Location of work
  • Performance requirements for contractor’s deliverables
  • Reference information for related studies, research documentation, and specifications
  • Support equipment for contract deliverables
  • Customer provided documentation
  • Performance schedule


ACL Digital will ensure that SOW staffing services suit your business requirements and needs. Our unified value proposition around SOW staffing can be summarized into the following vital contours:


Icon - Supplier performance strategies

Supplier performance strategies

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Spend visibility

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Strategic categories spend management