Service transformation requires automation across applications, data, and infrastructure. Our automation orchestration and management solution addresses the need for speed with policy-driven governance, compliance, security, and performance. Our workflow automation solutions automate diverse workflows across disparate data sources and integrate applications and processes to deliver digital business services quickly and reliably.

We manage infrastructure across private and public cloud environments, providing end-to-end workflow automation for any cloud environment and managing each workflow. We also automate core network services as part of the application lifecycle, driven by the application. Our NFV management and orchestration framework comply with ETSI NFV ISG MANO specifications.

ACL Digital’s intelligent automation and orchestration solutions help enterprises to be more agile, efficient, and secure.

Overview-Automation Orchestration

Automation Orchestration Offerings

NFV Orchestration

NFV Orchestration

ACL Digital’s CloudOps framework provides end-to-end network service management and orchestration. It helps enterprises onboard multi-vendor VNF platforms and orchestrates them in a private or public cloud environment.
Cloud Automation and Orchestration

Cloud Automation and Orchestration

ACL Digital provides its customers cloud agnostic services deployment automation, enterprise and network appliance orchestration, and 3rd party and proprietary tools integration via plugins.
Multi Domain Test Automation

Multi Domain Test Automation

Customers use ACL Digital's multi-domain test automation framework for Test case automation and release. The test suites can be selectively scheduled, executed, and presented. A detailed test results analysis can prompt the user to correct system failures.

Automation Orchestration Services

Performance Characterization & Benchmarking

  • VNF performance and benchmark testing
  • VNF performance characterization and certification testing
  • Multi-vendor VNF performance benchmarking, service chaining, and testing
  • Multi-protocol and comprehensive testing

Test and Test Automation services

  • Test case optimization
  • Development of multi-domain test automation and orchestration
  • Workflow automation
  • Multi-domain service orchestration
  • DevOps and products life cycle testing

Network Service Orchestration

  • Service function chaining
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • One-touch deployment
  • YANG modeling
  • Network automation


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