With so much hype around edge cloud, there's a significant trend likely to complement cloud for supporting emerging workloads and applications. An edge cloud is typically an ecosystem of small data centers closer to the user that reduces the distance between the processing point and the consumption point, thereby reducing the latency of the service offered from the cloud. These clouds provide premium cloud service to a select customer at a competitive price.

ACL Digital edge cloud services help telecom service providers to create an edge computing infrastructure within the access network close to the end-users and connected devices. Our open architecture framework helps in building a comprehensive edge cloud infrastructure. The edge cloud orchestrator automatically provisions the workloads, applications, and edge services in private/public cloud and data center environments.

Overview-Edge Cloud

Edge Cloud Offerings

Edge Cloud Deployment Framework

Edge Cloud Deployment Framework

ACL Digital's edge cloud deployment framework helps deploy the distributed Telco cloud, which enhances the telco customer experience. We build your cloud infrastructure to enable you to offer services closer to the customer.
Edge Cloud Automation & Orchestration

Edge Cloud Automation & Orchestration

ACL Digital's edge cloud automation and orchestration solution enables telcos to automate the edge cloud infrastructure and orchestrate various entities of edge cloud. We help optimize the effort for edge cloud deployment and automatically adjust to dynamic needs.
Monitoring Edge Cloud Infrastructure

Monitoring Edge Cloud Infrastructure

ACL Digital's edge cloud visibility solution enables service providers to monitor the edge cloud infrastructure and remediate action. With this solution, we will provide insight into every edge cloud infrastructure entity, thereby optimally managing the infrastructure resources.

Edge Cloud Services

Edge Cloud Deployment

  • Deployment of edge cloud components with automated framework
  • Build, provision, and bring up distributed edge cloud
  • Provide visibility of edge cloud deployments

Automation & Orchestration

  • Automate and orchestrate edge cloud components
  • Automate lifecycle management of edge cloud
  • Auto-scale edge cloud resources based on the need

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