Cloud service providers offer network infrastructure to host applications and workloads. In this shared responsibility approach to security services, it is up to the consumer to ensure secure access on top of the cloud environment. A cloud VPN solution is inevitable to access the organization’s private network through public networks securely and even share data remotely.

ACL Digital’s cloud VPN solution provides IPsec tunnel establishment, termination, and security gateway functionality deployed as a direct application on a cloud-native, a bare metal server, or as a Virtual Network Function in cloud infrastructure. The solution is developed to run on any x86-based platform, using DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit) Software Development Kit (SDK). Also, it can be configured as a VNFC of a Virtual CPE (vCPE) solution with the addition of a Firewall, IDS/IPS, and other services along with the IPsec VPN Gateway.

Features of ACL Digital’s VPN solutions:

Overview-Cloud VPN
  • DPDK optimized IPsec for high-performance Fast path processing
  • Deploy as VNF on the public cloud environment
  • Highly scalable, carrier-grade Cloud VPN Gateway Framework
  • Graphical User Interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Securely connects mobile small cells or HeNBs to EPC
  • VPN connectivity to Wi-Fi users or wired residential/enterprise broadband subscribers



25X improved performance over the traditional VPN services



Tunnel establishment latency less compared to traditional VPN services


Tunnel establishment rate over and above 1000 tunnels/seconds



Maximum capacity of 200K tunnels supported per instance