Digital transformation is the key to success in the modern healthcare industry. Remote health monitoring and connected medical devices have enhanced medical treatment efficiency, precision, and consistency. Managing appointments, getting healthcare notifications, and interacting with chatbots, the healthcare sector is on the verge of being ‘smarter’ than ever. Like other sectors, healthcare is entering the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots, IoT, and advanced cloud-based offerings. IoT solutions in healthcare are advantageous for doctors, patients, and healthcare facilities, as they can have real-time and remote access to a patient’s vital analysis and data. Moreover, drug delivery systems are inching toward inhalers, auto-injectors, IoT-enabled pumps, and insideables for diagnostic and body function monitoring.

ACL Digital is a preferred healthcare solution partner for leading healthcare system providers and medical device manufacturers. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers have the necessary experience in providing Smart healthcare solutions and medical-grade HIPAA/FDA compliant solutions, including robotic surgical equipment, medical diagnostic devices, drug delivery systems, digital health systems, DNA analysis devices using advanced and sophisticated technologies.


Industry Requirements 

Remote Medical Assistance

Development of IoT solutions in healthcare to effortlessly monitor the data history and patient health by any remote devices including iOS or Android devices

IoT Adoption

Transforming legacy health parameter monitoring devices into connected devices for better and superior diagnosis

Patient Vital Analysis

Utilize Data Engineering on patient vitals and implement modern and innovative technologies on the cloud such as AI and ML to distinguish and recommend proactive health measures to each patient

Medical Regulation Compliance

Delivering FDA and HIPAA healthcare guidelines and standards to make the solution compliant and reduce any unwanted risks



  • Developing innovative solutions for live video streaming of surgery with minimum latency, used for training students and getting expert opinions in case of any emergencies
  • Connected application development for health & fitness tracking (Mobile & Web) that can generate alerts, extract & transfer information to the cloud with assistance for predictive analysis and remote health monitoring
  • Connectivity Support: Wi-Fi, BLE, LTE/4G/5G
  • Proven capability in development based on HIPAA compliant cloud-like ClearData, AWS
  • Design, engineer, validate and manufacture health monitoring devices, disruptive ingestible sensors, and wearables that can manage patient health with improved patient engagement
  • Knowledge and deep understanding of tools like VectorCast, QP state machine framework, requirement traceability, and code coverage of more than 95%
  • Incorporating and integrating leading technologies including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and AR with medical devices
  • Domain-specific knowledge of requirement testability, test strategy, dry runs & formal execution


Why Choose ACL Digital?

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One-stop Service Provider

ACL Digital excels at all stages of medical-grade device development, application development, testing, large-scale manufacturing, and cloud integration



Regulatory Experience

Pre-compliance design and testing (HIPAA, FDA, IEC 62304, GDPR, ISO 14971, HITRUST NIST, HITRUST CSF, FHIR, EU-U.S. & Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, and IEC)

Domain expert


Proven Domain Expertise

Deep knowledge and proven expertise in transforming legacy devices such as radiology apparatus, monitoring/diagnostic, respiratory, and endoscopy to smart ones




A solid partnership with hardware and pre-complaint medical standard cloud platform providers to facilitate faster time to market


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