QInsight is the perfect data visualization solution that provides real-time insights, immersive visualizations, and interactive analytics. It includes built-in analytics that generates stunning dashboards and reports effortlessly, allowing you to track and analyze your data without hassle. Our solution lets you better understand your clinical trial data and make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Why QInsight?

If you are searching for a cost-effective and user-friendly data visualization solution, QInsight is the right choice. While other solutions are very expensive and mostly used by large enterprises, QInsight is made to fit all budgets. It opens the door to smaller/mid-sized companies as well.

  • Enables study reporting visualization that substantially reduces reporting, resources, and processes burden
  • Negates data silos and improves understanding of data
  • Reduces the burden on Biometrics resources for non-submission reports
  • Reduces turn-around time: instant reporting with plug-n-play
  • Useful for patient profiles, narratives, safety signal reporting, data cleaning, time-to-event reporting, adhocs, and more
  • Built for Clinical Research functions – Biometrics, ClinOps, Data Management, Medical Monitors, Safety Reporting, and Medical Writing
  • Built-in library includes frequently used graphs - pivot tables, patient profile graphs, KM curves, Waterfall, Labs spaghetti, change from baseline, and AE graphs among others
  • Secure, browser-based access
  • Does not involve software licensing or high upfront or setup costs

The interactive and insightful dashboard comes with ready-to-use intuitive features with minimum learning curve.

QInsight Features


Multiple Plugin Input Data Streams

Compatible with CDISC, SDTM, and ADaM datasets. Can support ADS, data in excel, .csv, and .dat formats

Data Friendly Platform

Web-based display with features like the ability to filter for subgroups and getting more information about a data point by hovering the cursor over it

Multi-Panel Display

Menu-based GUI with the ability to support multiple panels on one screen

Fully customizable: Use built-in data widgets or drag and drop new widgets as needed

Each widget can be configured independently, including having its own filters

Custom Widgets

Users, through the Admin portal, can add a new TLF (custom widget) and can save the widget privately or publish it to the entire organization.

Compliance and Audit Transparency

Provides documentation logs for data consistency and traceability

Useful Visualizations

Get instant access to a library of commonly used graphs in clinical trial reporting without any pre-programming

In-built Advanced Analytics

Powerful and actionable insights with interactive dashboards encompassing commonly used graphs in clinical trials space

Continuous Improvement

Pan-platform feature enhancement based on client / user inputs, upgrades are rolled out on a quarterly basis 

Next update will include reading data in SEND format, data connectors for NIH, and clinitrials.gov data

Negate Data Silos

Get "team access" to the study data without burdening Biometrics / Data Science resourcesces

Access Powerful Technologies

Built on modern technologies and enhanced through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


QInsight Benefits



Enhanced Secured System

Enhanced Security System

Role-based access, password-protected downloads, and control file types

Regulatory audit specific user access creation

Ability to restrict access to a type of output per user role

Take advantage of Cost Savings

Cost Savings

No additional software licensing cost, no large upfront cost, and no setup cost

SMEs/Admins are not needed to get the system up and running

Regulatory audit specific user access creation and ability to restrict access to a type of output based on the user role


Fast User Adoption

Fast User Adoption

Shorter implementation time with a plug-n-play approach, users are productive in no time with quick and easy on-boarding

On-premises deployment availability

Quick  Deployment

 Quick and hassle-free deployment