A secure, GXP and 21 CFR part 11 compliant environment to host all your IT infrastructure needs for Clinical Trials.

Let our seasoned experts take charge of your Computing Environment, Customized Software Development, and System Integration needs.

Tap into our extensive 25+ years of expertise in Digital, Telco, Cloud, and Enterprise IT.

We help BioTechs, CROs, Pharma setup and scale IT infrastructure.

Experience a digital transformative journey where seamless solutions meet unparalleled innovation, propelling your business toward remarkable success.


Statistical Computing Environment Overview

Features of Statistical Computing Environment

Optimized for Cloud-based and On-premises Installation

Efficient performance both for Cloud-based and on-premises installation configurations without compromise on speed or safety.

IQ and OQ Validated SAS, Option to Conduct PQ and Validation for R

Installation and operational qualification included for SAS, support for performance qualification available. Enhance your software validation process with the flexibility to validate additional software, including R, Python, and customized utilities.  

Pre-configured Software

System pre-configured with 7Zip, Notepad++, Chrome, Edge browsers, and Adobe DC. Option to include MS Office suite, Pinnacle 21, OKTA SSO, or other software as needed.

Flexible and Secure File Transfer Solutions

Benefit from provisioning secure FTP (sFTP), seamless integration with APIs, and a wide range of online file transfer services, including Box.com, Dropbox, and more. Benefit from our batch transfer mode to streamline your file transfer processes.

Secure and Customizable File Share, Massive Storage

Secure and customizable file share with active directory controls. Massive storage for uses such as central data repository, data warehouse, and data lake.

High Up-time and Speed

We prioritize reliability and ensure high uptime, as per our SOW agreement. Rest assured that our commitment to these critical metrics is unwavering, providing dependable and consistent service experience.

Customized Cost Savings and Licensing Model

It empowers businesses to have greater control over their expenses, aligns licensing arrangements with their specific needs, and paves the way for sustainable growth.

QA Audits and Compliance

All installations and setups adhere to CSV (Computer System Validation) standards and undergo regular audits conducted by the QA Team. We promptly communicate our findings to the business sponsors and make necessary corrections accordingly.

Unparalleled Scalability

Facilitates agile scaling of services to maintain a competitive edge and promptly adapt to evolving market demands.

Why Choose our Statistical Infrastructure




24*7*365 IT help desk support

SAS and IT admins


System hosted and managed by experienced SAS and IT Admins 


Regulatory Requirements


Expert knowledge of regulatory requirements 

Backup and recovery


Backup and disaster recovery procedures


Security and Monitoring including


Security and monitoring including intrusion detection and prevention 

Standard folder structure


Built-in processes, standard folder structures, SOPs available


Custom software design


Customized software development including system design



Data warehouse/data lake setup


SAS Setup on AWS_Azure_Google Cloud