Automated Data Conversion & Migration leveraging RPA


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance





The client is one of the top 20 Accounting & Consulting firm. ACL Digital developed an automated solution for the data migration leveraging an RPA foundation.

Overview_Automated Data Conversion & Migration

The Challenge



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Difficulty in migrating to a new Audit platform

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Traditional approach would have required over 5000-man hours


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Typical data conversation from old platform (which is closed) to the new platform requires manual processing of each Audit file for for thousands of clients

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Needed a faster and more robust approach not dependent on human interaction of each audit file and related documentation 




Pre RPA-Scenario

  • 50+ FTEs processing audit file and other docs
  • Too many human errors

Post RPA Scenario

  • Automate systems integration
  • FTE reduction for manual activities
  • 100% accuracy rate
Outcome_Automated Data Conversion & Migration