Designed Mobile Hotspot With Multi-device Connectivity


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Hardware Engineering




A global leader in a range of medical devices like portable defibrillators and ventilators used by clinicians and emergency medical services to treat victims in times of resuscitation and acute critical care.

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The client wanted to design its in-house Mi-Fi module that relays data on LTE over Wi-Fi and provides data connectivity with guaranteed throughput and quality of service for global geography






  • Delivered mechanical and electronic hardware to fit in the available size and weight. Improved time and quality of medical service by sending real-time patient data from connected medical devices over Wi-Fi & LTE for analysis and monitoring by the hospitals while on the way
  • Delivered product compliant to Reliability standards for Medical Devices, also supports FirstNet for use in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), provides Wi-Fi 11ac/b/g/n & LTE Cat 4 connectivity
  • Mobile Hotspot enabled with multi-device connectivity to serve multiple medical equipment simultaneously in case of emergency
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