Transformed and Enhanced Security for Global Shipping and Mailing Company




Cyber security



The customer is a global shipping and mailing company that offers a wide range of eCommerce logistics services. They provide various shipping options, including domestic and international shipping, and offer online tools for tracking packages and managing shipping costs. Additionally, they give a returns management solution that enables retailers to streamline the returns process and enhance the customer experience. 

Furthermore, they offer data and analytics services to help retailers make informed decisions about their eCommerce operations. ACL Digital strengthened the company's security posture by providing comprehensive penetration testing and cloud security solutions.

Logistics Services-Overview




Logistics Services


Data security of the customer’s Sensitive/PII data

Logistics Services


Security testing of the web, mobile and desktop applications, and its internal APIs

Logistics Services


Authentication and Oauth 2.0 Authorization

Logistics Services


AWS Cloud Security




  • Strengthened data security of sensitive/PII data
  • Conducted rigorous security testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications and internal APIs
  • Implemented robust authentication and OAuth 2.0 authorization measures
  • Enhanced AWS Cloud Security with a secure posture assessment
  • Implemented encryption at rest and in transit for safeguarding sensitive data
  • Assisted in making informed decisions through data and analytics
Logistics Services