How 5G Security Architecture Enables Secure Network Transformation

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March 29, 2022


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5G is the fifth generation version of the mobile network. It is the advancement of global wireless network standards from its predecessor mobile networks, e.g., 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. 5g equips a whole different mobile network experience from its previous generation’s network.

The main reason for 5G development is to virtually connect each one with everything i.e., machines, devices & objects. 5G is developed to enhance the data speed manifolds than its previous generations with some of the head-turning features like ultra-low latency, reliability, high performance, massive connectivity, mobility, energy efficiency, improved mobile network experience, etc.  

Security of 5G Network 

In the technology space, 5G is a revolution in network technology, and because it is a new technology, the security of 5G is still a concern. 5G security technology was the main focus when it came into existence during the planning and development of technology. According to developers worldwide, the important reason for developing 5G is its crucial properties for 5G security: communication, privacy, security, resilience, and identity management. 
With a risk-based mindset of the developers, the security features of this technology are built by core design principles. As 5G security architecture is very vast, it cannot be summed up in this article. Still, network slicing is the element that plays a crucial role in the development of 5G technology.

 The network slicing method  allows multiple networks or services to share a similar infrastructure while being isolated from one another with the help of virtualization technique. Network slicing slices out specific network traffic to accommodate a segment of customer requirements or unique industry-based needs.

5G security network architecture provides significant high-performance benefits, diverse applications via network slicing, virtualization, and cloud-based resources. These advantages will help organizations address increasing security threats and surface attacks.

Benefits of 5G Network

Devices connected to the 5G network experience much faster internet speed than previous generation networks like 4G and 4G LTE. Users can download videos, movies, and large files in seconds. Some of the benefits of this technology are mentioned below

High-Speed Data: For advanced web conferencing, automation, etc, 5G provides a robust high speed of 20Gbps compared to 4G And 4G LTE networks.

Increased Bandwidth: Due to the increased bandwidth of the 5G network, it will allow users to share or transfer files at a super-fast speed.

Less Network Congestion: Due to the more bandwidth and superior speed, 5G networks allow users to avoid network congestion as they face using the 4G network.

Boosting Innovation: IoT  drones, sensors, CCTV cameras, and a range of devices can be connected with 5G for enhanced usability and productivity, which will lead to superior user experience.

Ultra-low latency: Low latency helps devices stream or browse any web page or application without any buffer or hassle. Low latency is very helpful, especially for online game lovers, IoT devices, virtual reality devices, etc.

Why Should You Consider Using 5G In Your Business? 

From its predecessor network generations like 4G and 4G LTE, 5G is a whole new dimension. 5G is well capable of protecting the identity of the users, and connections will be encrypted. Large organizations are already taking advantage of this technology for the next-level up-gradation of technology. 

The biggest reason you should embrace 5G  to give a boost to your business on a whole new level is secure remote access from anywhere across the globe, secure next-generation firewall, secure web gateways, SASE offerings, etc. A few points are listed below so that you can have a clear understanding of why you should opt for 5G for your business
Access or conduct business of the corporate office from a quick and secure location.

  • Mobile users can safely manage their business access to the internet
  • Deep insights help to defend against advanced mobile threats
  • Consistent protection over specific applications for users
  • Quickly and safely share or transfer files with lightning-fast internet speed
  • In case of cyber attacks, improved productivity enables safe mobile access to the internet to minimize the risk of damage

A well-managed security service in 5G technologies can give you the leverage to try out new possibilities and protect critical data from getting exposed with the help of expert developers. It will allow you to drive business innovation, giving an advantage over the competitors, on revenue and sale scale.


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