How to Build an Efficient Digital Experience Platform

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January 2, 2019


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“Digital Experience Platform – A digital software render its service far beyond our imagination”. Digital experience platform (DXP) is an emerging integrated software framework to meet the requirement of the companies undergoing a Digital transformation. The organizations use DXP to provide better user experience to the customers by building, installing and continually improve the websites, mobile application portals and other digital experiences. DXP is the next step in digital transformation services. It uses an integrated set of digital technologies and services to build responsive applications.

DXP’s render an architecture for companies to digitize business operations, deliver interactive user experience and gather insights from the customer. It play an important role in improving the platforms that need to interact with the customers, driving benefits to everyone from businessmen, employees to customers. DXP’s have been built as an advancement in a digital transformation to support the modern experience-driven commerce.

It combines advanced digital technologies like automation, big data, artificial intelligence, analytics, linguistics, e-commerce with knowledge management. Here are the basic core components and additional components on which the Digital Experience platform is built on. The core components for building the better platform include a unified architecture, personalization, and data management.

1. A Federated Architecture 

With the increase in business demands and need for digital transformation in business, one should focus on developing an easy user interface system with zero downtime. The platform should be highly reliable, scalable to handle more customers and sessions. This digital experience scalable platform needs a sustainable, innovative, robust, user friendly architecture that assist you in meeting the current business challenges. The site’s design, ergonomics, performance, user accessibility all contribute towards better customer experience platform. Moving into a world of digital, the platform should be extendable to collate new technologies and features.

2. Personalization 

The transformation in digital technologies uses personalization engine to combine the persons behavior with the individual information based on the past, current conversations and behavioral tracking. This gathered information incorporates the mouse clicks and movement, scrolling, inactivity, activity and total time spent on the page to analyses the interest level and indicate preferences of the customer who visits the website. The experience platform is built to engage the customers in a smart way with a better personalization and adds value for both the company and the customer.

3. Data analytics and Management

The data management to support experience platform has become an important tool in driving digital transformation. Data analytics and management system can aid startups to enterprise, or even corporates by providing an automation process for entire applications, and up-to-date insights about the device. These analytics enhance the right decision making at the right time in digital transformation and provide the company with increased productivity.

The additional components which support in building the platform are e-Commerce, digital asset management, marketing automation, social media, analytics data, customer relationship management, translation, and video management. The factor that holds all these core and additional components together and enables them to interact in real time manner are an exchange of information and retail digital transformation.

Benefits of digital experience platform – The platform act as the essence of digital transformation services by providing its benefit not only to the customer but also the employees and the company.

For Customers – Implementing an effective platform can make your company stand-alone from its competitors by rendering an enhanced user experience that drives engagement and increase revenue. It assists your business to build better customer relationships, organize content service, enhance integrations and include customer requirements across multiple touch points.

For the Company and Employees – The DXP has numerous benefits for your business as well as your employees and it provides your team with quick and easy access to digital transformation and communication tools, which render better coordination and increased engagement with the user and vice versa through social media and other communication functions.

Digital experience platform will doubtlessly evolve and continue to develop as the need for digital transformation increases.

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