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June 7, 2022


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As we slowly move past the pandemic, organizations have realized that the people are their valued asset, and cloud-based Oracle HCM solutions address nurturing, hiring, and sourcing issues. Many emerging companies and businesses are being disrupted and distinguished by technologies in every industry across the globe. From healthcare to manufacturing and finance, organisations are redefining their business models, technologies, and strategies to stay competitive.

Many companies across different industrial sectors leverage HCM solutions to transform their payroll, HR, and workforce management. Proactive business leaders are dependent on the cloud to align strategies and to help improve HR’s role across businesses to be future-ready. According to a recent tech survey by PwC, 72% of organizations already have core HR systems in the cloud or are in the course of relocating them. But let’s try to understand why these companies opt to implement Oracle HCM Cloud in the first instance.

Below are some of the top 10 reasons organizations are opting for Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management:

Extendable and Flexible

As your business is rapidly evolving, wouldn’t it be great if your systems were quickly configurable, up-to-date, and agile as your requirements change – whether due to mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, regulatory compliance changes or reorganization? Most of our clients iterate that Oracle Cloud HCM offers flexible and extendable solutions to meet growing business policies, regulations, practices, and ecosystems. It’s easy to model your workforce with compensation data, configure your organization chart, and set up processes without depending on IT support. Not to forget the support by embedded analytics that offer personalized dashboards with valuable information necessary to make better and informed decisions. Additionally, clients use Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) to expand the system to suit their requirements.

Comprehensive HCM Cloud

Business enterprises that want to deal with employee lifecycle choose Oracle Cloud HCM. It is developed on a single cloud solution across talent management, talent acquisition, human resources, workforce planning, work-life, advantages, payroll, HR help desk, time, labour, health, and safety. Moreover, it connects your entire organization with applications across the supply chain, marketing, finance, and more.

Contemporary User Experience

Modern IT businesses and other companies have difficulty coping with low user adoption. Why? Because most Cloud 1.0 vendors released a user-friendly interface — intricate workflows, attractive mobile applications, data quality, mediocre integration remained barriers to high adoption rates. Oracle came up with a new suite of Cloud 2.0 applications developed on the principle of intelligence and minimalism together. It is layered with tremendous and insightful mobile and online experience. Also, Oracle Cloud HCM can be tailored to suit your natural working style with a home space configured to make your day more productive.

Business Value

Most of our companies leverage Oracle Cloud HCM application to drive business value through enhanced user adoption and engagement, better productivity, a lower total cost of ownership, and a modernized process. Some of the essential values in moving to the cloud include:

  • Significant reduction in manual effort in delivering workforce insights
  • Complete elimination of inconsistencies in insights and analyses
  • Short data latency for descriptive analytics
  • Higher rate of employee adoption and boosting employee engagement
  • Substantial cycle-time reduction for talent and compensation management processes
  • Considerable reduction in HR costs

Intelligent Applications

The important differentiating factor is that Oracle has built software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications on its infrastructure and platform. The concrete foundation of digital assistants and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), will empower employees to work smarter and faster. Oracle Cloud HCM blends enhanced machine learning and data to help improve talent management, deliver comprehensive workforce insights, and strengthen operational efficiency.

Universal Capabilities

Contemporary business enterprises currently operate both locally and globally, so our clients realize and appreciate that Oracle Cloud HCM is designed comprehensively at the core to meet both regional and corporate requirements for 200+ territories and 25+ languages. Now, all the more so, business leaders are well-positioned to add significant business value to their businesses. To the end-user, the local solutions can be upgraded as part of the global solutions to the company, even if it's a local system.

Innovation Powerhouse

Originality and modernization are the most significant advantages of shifting your systems to the cloud. Most of the periodical and regular updates are from customer feedback. Most customers across the globe believe and love the fact that most innovative products can be developed using emerging technologies like digital assistants, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. It is a direct result of Oracle’s heavy investment in research and development. 

Customer Success 

We partner with you at every stage of your cloud journey to ensure your project is successful. As our privileged customer, you will have access to on-demand education, execution success manager, and development tools.  We comprehend your line of business goals, hurdles, and long-term goals and then align it with the appropriate solution. Finally, we offer 24/7 customer service across 145 countries worldwide to help you capitalize on the value of your investment.

Active HR Community

The customer community meets regularly online to share feedback, troubleshoot problems, and advance their HR aspirations. From product release webinars to Oracle HCM users group, you will have the possibility to learn and network with leading technology professionals at your fingertips.

Data Security and Privacy

Security is an essential design principle within Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Oracle has a robust and solid security culture, with products used for business-critical enterprise and government applications globally. With Oracle Cloud HCM, you get modern and advanced data centers, distinct layers of security, and data encryption. You can safeguard your critical employee information and identify potential security access irregularities. Our platform offers performance, security, and scalability by operating on best-in-class cloud infrastructure and delivering integrated identity and security management.


The responsibility of the Human Resources team and the role of Human Capital Management (HCM) in an organization has progressed dramatically to become a strategic asset, oversee the company on workforce movements, identify essential strengths and knowledge gaps, and augment the employee experience to increase retention. Oracle HCM Cloud has moved along with this trend, and it can accelerate the objectives of an enterprise HCM team.

Business organizations are constantly changing, and so are the smaller business units. From attracting potential candidates to enhancing workflow, our wide range of HCM solutions covers it all. ACL Digital provides a comprehensive range of Oracle HCM Cloud services to help clients make informed decisions, streamline their processes, and enhance employee experiences to accomplish operational efficiency. Get in touch with us for more details.


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