Understanding the Role of Mobile Device Management in a Hyper-Connected World

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September 29, 2021


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In the present scenario, IoT has grown leaps and bounds to create global networks that can freely connect machines, people, and data with one another. In fact, by 2022, many studies have projected that there might be around 100 billion connected devices internationally!

There is a huge demand for remote tools that help organizations stay connected and sustain productivity in the longer run. Remote work is here to stay, and companies are primarily focusing on improving security to prevent any catastrophic consequences. The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly intensified and accelerated the shift to remote work for millions of businesses around the globe. Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions will ensure successful business continuity by securely enabling remote work.

MDM’s capability to manage, monitor, and secure data according to set business policies is now more critical than ever. It also has become an essential security component of empowering workforces with smartphones, tablets, and computers. Especially as bring your own device (BYOD) has swapped company-issued mobile devices, and Service providers with a directive to safeguard corporate networks is now a must-have part of their stack. The appealing flexibility that remote work offers and the necessity to secure mobile access to corporate data imply that MDM is a growth-oriented offering.

Security consultants have a challenging job on their hands as they must verify user identities and the trustworthiness of their connected personal devices before granting access to IT assets and mission-critical applications. ACL Digital’s SecureMAX framework makes life easier for both enterprises and individuals. It offers a custom MDM/MAM framework to manage the BYOD devices from the SecureMAX web Console. The framework enables enterprises to implement BYOD solutions, distribute and manage applications, and remotely lock or wipe the devices when needed with the potential to scale to various other MDM/MAM use cases.

Importance of MDM for Business Organizations

MDM makes teamwork easier over the air and empowers almost all administration to be done remotely for the smooth functioning of a company once the devices are enlisted. It gives a business organization comprehensive control over the connected devices — tablets, smartphones, laptops, and others used in a company. Normally, MDM adopts both Corporate Owned Personally Enabled (COPE) devices used by large companies and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) devices proposed for smaller businesses.

Below are some of the reasons for the use of MDM:

  • MDM is essential for a truly mobile workforce that’s secure, effective, and accountable
  • For the compliance standards, you will need to have complete administrative control and audit efficiencies over your devices
  • Upon administering necessary training, MDM enables employees to operate efficiently and focus on their work confidently knowing that they are well-protected against possible threats
  • Difficult to enforce endpoint security and its remote administration on employees without using MDM

Go Remote with Mobile Device Management

Many companies apply Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to enhance and boost the security and mobility of their devices. Also, the additional surge in mobile device usage has made it complicated to secure and manage data; thus, companies have extensively implemented MDM technology to manage all types of devices and secure information across geographies. With an MDM, IT teams can effectively manage their employees' mobile devices. MDMs safeguard the corporate network, secure mobile devices, and ensure additional functionalities. Here’s how MDM helps your organization:

Procurement of Devices for Remote Workforce

Companies are facing a massive challenge due to the sudden switch to remote work. A BYOD policy will allow employees to start using personal devices for work without delays or worrying about user privacy.

Ensuring Plug and Play Devices

The next major step is to make sure the devices are ready to use so that the employees can start working immediately without waiting for settings configuration or setting up of devices.

Validating Applications

It is not easy to validate applications installed by employees working remotely. Moreover, IT admins are in control to manage and distribute an application required by remote employees.

Securing Remotely Deployed Devices

Organizations that have moved to remote work must aim on bolstering their corporate network, as it is accessed by employees and clients from various geographic locations.

Device Management – Post Deployment

As most of the devices are outside your company’s periphery, they are susceptible to external threats or theft. Here, IT admins must manage, remotely view, raise alarms, troubleshoot on specific devices.

Securing Corporate Files and Email Accounts

Employees must be able to access corporate files and collaborate seamlessly from any private network.

The Potential of MDM

Eventually, as the world moves to 5G networks in the coming years, the edge computing environment will need enhanced security to keep customers’ workforces safe from malware, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. So, fostering a unified endpoint management (UEM) approach is crucial to securing corporate networks and customer data.

From mobile edge to advanced security solutions, ACL Digital has the right MDM solutions that consolidate all the features necessary to control, manage, track, secure, and monitor remote devices. With MDM, you can save your organization time and cost-efficient, particularly if your IT team needs to manage many mobile devices.

Final Thoughts

With the advent of sophisticated technology, smartphones and other smart devices have become crucial aspects of office work, and mobile devices are not leaving the office environment anytime soon. Also, it is even more essential to put adequate and acceptable infrastructure in place to safeguard both the employees and the enterprises at large.

Nevertheless, you can always ensure that you have an efficient security architecture by consulting cybersecurity experts who can assist you to stay clear of unwarranted cyber threats. Stay on top of all cybersecurity challenges by contacting ACL Digital for technical assistance. Talk to one of our mobile security experts today!

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