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February 4, 2019


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Nowadays the customers are more demanding than ever before it was. The customers want to shop wherever they are, whenever they want to, whatever channel they use for at their convenience and price. So, implementing the best channel and strategies to your customer can drive better results for your retail business.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is the only cloud-based software that integrates POS, marketing, CRM, business intelligence, inventory, financial and order management into one complete system. The implementation of NetSuite enables the retail owners to manage all business process in a single system. The NetSuite software assists you in improving your business with its innovative technology. Cloud-based, all device compatible NetSuite services render mobile-ready solution to the retailers on satisfying the customers, improving the business and productivity, focusing on the profits.

NetSuite solution keeps you engaged in real time, understanding and building loyalty and long-lasting relationships with your customers and drive your business growth.

Features of NetSuite in the Retail Industry:

POS – NetSuite provides in-store retailing needs of the customers with a modern POS solution. NetSuite software transforms the in-store experience of the user with a modern POS solution by unifying both the physical and digital shopping experience. This POS featured NetSuite enables the retail businessmen to streamline their transactions and delivering better customer service. NetSuite service providers serve their clients with a channel that deliver unified customer experience and bring a strong customer relationship.

CRM and Marketing – The implementation of NetSuite service enables you to get a view of each customer shopping experience to deliver better shopping service at the same time entrust loyalty within the customers and increase your revenue. NetSuite solutions offer you promotional capabilities for your retail business by providing multiple discounting options, customer-specific discounts, volume pricing to help you find new customers and increase the average sale yet achieving the profit.

Business Intelligence:

NetSuite solutions enable you to manage the complete retail data which assist you in making better and timely decisions based on the analytics and retails reports given by NetSuite software. NetSuite allows you to monitor your site and access from any browser and mobile devices of your choice.

Inventory and Management – NetSuite service providers assist you to optimize your inventory list and supply chain to speed up the delivery time, improve inventory turns, boosts productivity, increase sales and deliver the products according to customers requirement, what & when they want and where they want it to be delivered.


NetSuite as a complete retail management system allows the organizations to improve their efficiencies and grow their business based on financial processes. This assists the retail owners to improve their financial side and thrive.

Order Management – NetSuite order management provides every customer, a complete satisfied shopping experience. It meets the expectations of the customers, and also allow them to return the products anywhere ensuring the profit of the organization. NetSuite service assists you in centralizing order and inventory management across all channels and the supply chain.

Get Closer to Your Customers – With NetSuite implementation, you get a complete 360-degree view of each customer that helps in building your retail brand. NetSuite solution enables you to provide personalized marketing to your customer with their search history, purchase history or demographics. It enables the customers to view their online purchase history, orders & reorders, and get answers whenever they want as 24×7 service.

Omnichannel Functionality – NetSuite services support cross channel process on buy online, return to a store from anywhere. NetSuite’s single complete platform enables you to bridge the gap between a various channel and your brand, satisfying customer’s shopping experience.

Benefits of NetSuite in the Retail Industry :

  • A single, complete integrated system to manage the retail business.
  • Enable complete 360-degree view of the customers across all the channels
  • Support multiple locations from a single platform
  • Retail shopping capabilities on any device
  • Featured POS system
  • Centralized management of order inventories and other pricing aspects
  • Omnichannel management
  • Enhance the visibility of customers and other data in real time aspects
  • Flexible and easy to customize
  • Cost-effective retail solution
  • Hassle-free decision making and real-time systems
  • Real-time effective, key performance indicators
  • Enable smarter decision making using the insights
  • B2B and B2C web stores on the same single platform

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