Thumbnail-VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway

Increasing global footprint of enterprises and mobility of workforces has increased the demand for enhanced network security and data protection at high packet processing speed. Various hand held devices other than computers now connect to remote office networks

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Thumbnail-Virtual B-RAS Solution

ACL Digital Virtual B-RAS Solution

Surging broadband subscriber base and the advent of more bandwidth-hungry network services have clearly started highlighting issues with the traditional BRAS - Broadband remote access server solutions in the existing broadband service deployments.

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Thumbnail-vCPE Framework

vCPE Framework

Traditional Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) do not provide effective ways to deploy and manage new services to meet the varying needs of customers. These CPEs are not flexible enough to host the rapid introduction of new services.

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Thumbnail-DPI Based Virtual Firewall

DPI Based Virtual Firewall

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is playing an increasingly important role in modern networks, becoming more and more of a service enabler for quality of experience (QoE), virtual CPE services, network and subscriber analytics, data center and network security and more.

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Thumbnail-ACL SD-WAN Controller

ACL SD-WAN Controller

Enterprises are adapting newer technologies to achieve business agility. Connecting various enterprise users, clients, partners to provide access for various cloud offerings over wan in a secure way is becoming crucial.

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Thumbnail-Simplified Security

Security Simplified | Workplace from Facebook

When it comes to data, privacy and security, you may have a lot of questions as you prepare to launch and use Workplace.

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Thumbnail-ACL Learn

ACL Learn | Learning Experience Platform

The modern learning landscape is fast evolving, and our approach to learning technologies must evolve and adapt to ensure delivering the best, most holistic learning experience tailored exactly to the organization’s unique needs. To address these market requirements, ACL Digital has developed ACL Learn, a next gen learning experience platform based on Moodle.

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Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations, including Providers & Payers, are the most impacted by Covid-19 resulting in operational and personal challenges. According to WHO, there is a shortage of doctors with a ratio of 2.5 healthcare practitioners to 1000 patients in the United States.

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Thumbnail-dynamic edge-protection-with-secure-access-service- edge

Dynamic Edge Protection with Secure Access Service Edge

ACL Digital SASE solution framework is a customizable software stacks that can be used by enterprises, NEMs and Telco service providers to build SASE solutions. The framework comes as VNF based full stack network security services with a set of code libraries, support programs and APIs that help organizations shorten the R&D lifecycle and launch Advanced SASE solutions.

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Blockchain - Immutable, Secure Data & Transactions

Personalized medicine, clinical trials, genomics, nano-tech, biotech, pharmaceuticals, med devices in the life sciences industry - both human and animal health

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Thumbnail-oracle cx as a service

Oracle CX as a Service - Connected Experience

New experiences are evolving, Competitors are continuously reimagining, redefining newer paradigms of customer experiences and expectations. The customer expectations are in a constant state of flux.

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Thumbnail-Multi Access Edge Computing

Multi Access Edge Computing

With new technologies from AI, IoT and 5G Networks advancing at a rapid pace, traditional centralized cloud computing can’t efficiently handle the huge amount of data being generated.

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