Thumbnail-Intelligent Process Automation for Healthcare

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations, including Providers & Payers, are the most impacted by Covid-19 resulting in operational and personal challenges.

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Thumbnail-Dynamic Edge Protection with Secure Access Service Edge

Dynamic Edge Protection with Secure Access Service Edge

ACL Digital SASE solution framework is a customizable software stacks that can be used by enterprises, NEMs and Telco service providers to build SASE solutions.

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Thumbnail-Blockchain Immutable Secure Data and Transactions

Blockchain - Immutable, Secure Data & Transactions

Personalized medicine, clinical trials, genomics, nano-tech, biotech, pharmaceuticals, med devices in the life sciences industry - both human and animal health

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Thumbnail-Oracle CX as a Service

Oracle CX as a Service - Connected Experience

New experiences are evolving, Competitors are continuously reimagining, redefining newer paradigms of customer experiences and expectations.

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Thumbnail-Multi Access Edge Computing

Multi Access Edge Computing

With new technologies from AI, IoT and 5G Networks advancing at a rapid pace, traditional centralized cloud computing can’t efficiently handle the huge amount of data being generated.

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Thumbnail-Staffing Solution Partner in Life Sciences

Staffing Solution Partner in Life Sciences

For its Life Science clients, ACL Digital offers a wide range of Staffing solutions, including onsite staff augmentation and scalable project-based staffing in the following functional areas.

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Thumbnail-DPDK Support Services

DPDK Consultation

ACL Digital offers professional services to network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and Service Providers to leverage DPDK to design, develop and deploy network functions optimized to multi-core x86 processors.

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Thumbnail-Design Thinking

Design Thinking

While working to be a good designer, you can think like a designer and design the way you lead, manage, create and innovate. Design should be such that the way of thinking can be applied to systems,

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Thumbnail-Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map

Most organizations are effective in gathering data about their users, but this data often does not give an insight about customer experiences and emotions. More detailed information about the users can be obtained from stories,

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Thumbnail-Digital Product Innovation and Engineering

Digital Product Innovation & Engineering

With next-generation Digital Engineering capabilities ACL Digital helps organizations in designing, developing, customizing new or existing products /platforms,

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Thumbnail-Telco Product and Solution Engineering

Telco Product & Solution Engineering

ACL Digital has played a pivotal role in the evolution of 5G through proactive investment in emerging technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

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Thumbnail-Complete suite of Biometrics services

Complete Suite of Biometrics Services

With the rapid adoption of digitalization by the Life sciences ecosystem (Pharma, Bio-Tech and Medical devices), organizations are embracing digital products, platforms and models that redefine the way they work,

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