With the fast evolving modern learning landscape, our approach to learning technologies has evolved and adapted to ensure a holistic learning experience personalized to the customer needs. ACL Digital’s Moodle based Learning Experience Platform (LXP), ACL Learn, can address these market requirements by enabling organizations to advance their employee, partner and customer with an all in one learning platform.

ACL Learn’s robust framework platform enables administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of online education courses or training programs securely and reliably for both organizations and educational institutions.

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ACL Learn: Learning Experience Platform

Built on an open-source architecture to support extensibility, ACL Learn supports an open plugin architecture which ensures that different external systems can be integrated seamlessly and quickly. The key features of ACL Learn LXP platform include:

Learning Experience Platform

Learning Experience Platform Offerings

ACL Learn provides integrated corporate e-learning solutions to help companies and educational institutions across the globe to facilitate online training in their organizations. We provide a wide range of LXP offerings including but not limited to:



• Enable employees’ skill enhancement and meet training & development goals
• Elevate customer & partner experience by training to use products successfully and excel at selling products
• Achieve, record, and maintain compliance through one intuitive learning platform
Virtual Collaborations

Virtual Collaborations

• Digitize the classroom experience
• Engage with an interactive learning environment
• Enable students and employees to communicate
• Interact and, work together with one another remotely from any location
Blended Learning & Gamification

Blended Learning & Gamification

• Mobile learning to elevate learning experience
• Personalized user experience
• Fun and engaging learning experience with gamification
• Synchronized Adaptive learning
Enterprise Integrations

Enterprise Integrations

Highly scalable and integratable solutions that can easily integrate with:
• Course development tools
• Internal ERP system
• Company collaboration tools



  • Course Catalogue search & Enrolment
  • Learning/Activities calendar
  • Access course content online or offline
  • Alerts & Notifications - Due dates, Activity feeds, Assignment deadline
  • Track upcoming assignments
  • Submit a discussion post, Take a quiz
  • Participate in polls and surveys
  • Access grades, or view the course activity feed
  • Student-Teacher Collaboration via chats, Discussions, Forums & Communities
  • Mobile App immersive & engaged learning


  • Online Virtual classroom with screensharing
  • Live streaming of diverse learning content
  • Add, Update, Upload course content
  • Interactive Whiteboard & Annotations
  • View Course Progress Dashboard
  • Assignment & Test Evaluation/Grading
  • Send reminders, Provide personalized feedback
  • Suggest Remediation or Enrichment pathways
  • New SCORM compliant content creation using predefined templates


  • Course content Design & Structure Definition
  • Learning goals, outcomes, Topics, Credits, Tests/Quizzes, Question bank
  • Rich Media content (Audio, Video, PDF, recorded webinars, eBook, PowerPoint etc.)
  • Grades & Certificates
  • Define new content templates
  • Assignments & Exams, New reports schedule workflow
  • Personalized & Adaptive Learning Path design
  • Org level Course mgmt. dashboard
  • Security & Privacy rules
  • Student Analytics(At risk students)

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