The success of a media and entertainment business is based on how effectively they deliver highly personalized service interactions through every phase of the customer lifecycle—driving growth, retention, loyalty, and advocacy. 

ACL Digital helps organizations redefine customer experience by delivering frictionless omnichannel experiences through personalized, digital-first journey across channels. Our connected digital solutions have helped organizations build brand advocacy and social communities, helping them derive consumer insights, learn, and adapt in real time with adaptive intelligence backed by customer's digital personas.

As part of our Personalized Experience services, we offer

  • Customer Engagement portals to track interactions
  • Digital Home Service that empowers customers of TV operators through self-service portals
  • Connecting set-top boxes with IoT to get real-time data to monitor, predict, and fix issues
  • Realtime Social Sentiment Analysis by monitoring social media, news feeds, and blogs
  • Drive marketing effectiveness through personalization modeling, campaign design, creative services, and campaign effectiveness measurement
Overview-Personalized Experience