As physical and digital mediums are converging, forward-thinking retailers need to act fast, overhauling their existing business operations into an omnichannel, integrated, flexible, and agile process. Today's digital and tech-savvy shoppers have greater access to information, enabling informed decisions and data-powered experiences.  

Social tools, Smart mobile apps with AR & VR, Shoppable ads, Digital signage & sensor technology, are now influencing their shopping experience. They have changed the way they discover, evaluate, purchase, receive, and return goods. The customer journey in this connected retail space happens to initiate at one touchpoint and tends to complete at a different one. It becomes vital for retailers to have rich, personalized digital experiences across all channels, whether offline or online.

Overview-Retail and Ecommerce


Unlocking our customers' omnichannel potential, empowering them to provide Omni-channel Retailing and offer seamless & personalized experiences across multiple channels to their distributors & customers.

Digital Retail
Integrate online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain.
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Departmental Stores
Deliver customer experience and not just a transactional experience.
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B2B Wholesale
Imbibe digital and customer-centricity to unlock the true potential of your business.
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Specialty Retailers
Leverage your strengths and deliver a personalized shopping experience.
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Food and Beverages
Digitize your business and get ahead of your competitors.
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Retail Mobility and Intelligence
Win where it matters the most – the mobility space in Retail.
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Connected and integrated Omnichannel experiences extend the traditional store boundaries by integrating customer experience on the touchpoints to provide prompt, consistent, and quality services. The intelligent and connected technologies and customer experience solutions will become more prevalent in the retail supply chain, logistics, and stores, as legacy firms continue to turn to emerging technologies to move faster and offer more significant differentiation.

ACL Digital's expertise in delivering connected retail customer experience solutions for Wholesale (Cash and Carry or B2B) & Retail (B2C), cater to the world's leading retailers and several Tier 1 enterprise. The retail practice areas include:

  • Consulting and Strategy
  • Customer Experience & Design
  • AI-powered Retail Enterprise
  • Omnichannel Solutions
  • Merchandising Solutions
  • Retail Enterprise & IoT
  • Employee Communication Solutions
  • Enterprise Training
  • Workforce Scheduling 
  • Assurance & Compliance Services
  • Retail Cyber Security
  • Managed Services