Departmental store managers face intense pressure from big-box chains to global e-commerce providers. To remain competitive in the retail industry, an effective business strategy along with a suite of accurate solutions are needed to optimize costs and keep shoppers loyal to departmental stores.

From loyalty and CRM to workforce management solutions (WFMS), ACL Digital delivers seamless customer service within a specified budget to our customers. Our expertise enables our customers to  implement next-gen customer-focused solutions like personal shopping assistants, kiosks and digital signage in addition to basic retail POS and WFMS Services.  

Overview-Departmental Stores
  • Omni-Channel and Cross-Channel Integration Solution

  • Loyalty Management Solutions and CRM

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Online PoS Solution

  • Merchandising Solutions including Retail Information Management, Financial Planning, Category Management, Assortment and Space Planning, Price and Promotion Planning

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions including Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Execution,  Supply Chain Visibility

  • Retail Enterprise Solutions including Oracle Retail, SAP Retail, Manhattan Retail and IBM Sterling

  • Store Management Solutions including In-store Productivity, Gamification, In-store Service Management and Shrink Management

  • Inventory Management 

  • Workforce Management System (WFMS)

Increased Customer Loyalty including Rewards and incentives to loyal customers with our Loyalty management solution

Increased customer loyalty with loyalty management solution

Improved Planning with in-store customer analytics solution that can be used for Assortment, Category, Price and Promotion planning

Improved planning with in-store customer analytics solution

Greater Visibility into the supply chain and warehouse operations

Greater visibility into the supply chain & warehouse operations


Effortless Scaling and streamlined operations with Enterprise Retail Solution

Effortless scaling with enterprise retail solution

Customer touchpoints across multiple channels and differentiation from the competitors

Customer engagement across multiple touchpoints