With more and more consumers getting hooked to mobile/online shopping, brick-and-mortar retail stores are struggling hard to meet their ever-changing expectations. To overcome this, the retailers need to amalgamate their online presence and brick-and-mortar store operations into an omnichannel approach. Retailers need responsive and user-friendly e-commerce websites/portals to simplify the customer’s shopping experience and in the process, make retail stores more intuitive and brands more lucrative.

ACL Digital equips retailers with a vast array of solutions and services to ensure that in-store shopper experience leads to more shoppers per store, more visits per customer and more minutes per visit. Our Digital In-Store portfolio is designed to support each retailer on their own unique journey to bring their vision of omnichannel store to life. 

Overview-Digital Retail
  • Dynamic Pricing Solution

  • Geo-Fencing using GPS, RFID & Beacon

  • Store Sales Assist Apps Integrating customer, employee, product portfolio and physical store

  • Smart Shelves, Virtual Trial Rooms and Digital Mirrors implementing Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence

  • Intelligent Workforce Scheduling

  • Inventory Management & POS Solutions

  • Order Management and Kiosk Applications

  • eCommerce Platform & CMS Development and Integration

  • Microservices Architecture Implementation

  • Product Recommendation Engine

  • Intranet Portal Development


Increased profits and efficiency with a dynamic pricing solution

Increased profits and efficiency with a dynamic pricing

Improved customer intelligence with IoT enabled In-store solutions 

Improved customer intelligence with iot solutions

Cost Optimization with an intelligent workforce scheduling solution

Cost optimization with an intelligent workforce solution


Increased Revenue with Product Recommendation engine which aids in Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Enable up-sell and cross-sell with product recommendation engine

Improved Operational efficiency with Supply Chain and Warehouse

Improved operational efficiency with efficient supply chain management