Food Sellers rather grocers compete with supermarkets on razor slim margins. As volume is highly crucial in this sector, distribution and warehouse management directly affect success. A major challenge is real-time inventory management which includes all stages from inventory visibility to replenishment.

ACL Digital’s indigenous mobile retail solutions based on SMAC (Social-Mobility-Analytics-Cloud) entail shoppers’ loyalty. Our mobile grocery solutions are highly scalable and flexible. The extent of flexibility is noted in new business model implementation, private-label expansion, online shoppers’ engagement, transportation and quick delivery management.

Overview-Food and Beverages
  • Omni-Channel and Cross-Channel Integration Solution

  • E-Commerce Re-Platforming with cutting-edge Technology Stack

  • Digital Commerce Optimization Solution

  • Loyalty Management Solutions and CRM

  • Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Online PoS Solution

  • Merchandising Solutions including Retail Information Management, Financial Planning, Category Management, Assortment and Space Planning, Price and Promotion Planning

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions including Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Execution,  Supply Chain Visibility

  • Retail Enterprise Solutions including Oracle Retail, SAP Retail, Manhattan Retail and IBM Sterling

  • Store Management Solutions including In-store Productivity, Gamification, In-store Service Management and Shrink Management

  • Inventory Management 

  • Workforce Management System (WFMS)




Improved planning with in-store customer analytics



Greater visibility into the supply chain & warehouse operations


Enterprise Retail Solution


Effortless scaling and streamlining of operations



Customer engagement across multiple channels