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ACL Digital Introduces WireZAP, Best in Class, Ultra-Low Latency and Super-Scalable Soft Micro Hub Solution Targeting Safety Use Cases in Critical Facilities

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August 19, 2021

August 19, 2021, Santa Clara, CA - ACL Digital has expanded its framework portfolio with the introduction of WireZAP. It is a custom solution targeted to the emerging needs of facility safety across several industries. A market leader in design-led Digital Experience, Product Innovation, Solutions, and Consulting offerings, ACL Digital today announced the launch of ultra-low latency, soft micro hub solution that runs as a microservice or as a virtual machine. The high-speed white-box multiplexer/demultiplexer delivers high-end networking performance supporting several 100Gbps interfaces using DPDK.

Licensed as a stack, WireZAP runs on a white box or ODM products and performs high-speed traffic aggregation/disaggregation function and reduces latency tremendously. The solution addresses the improvement of physical safety by reducing wire clutter in data rooms, hospitals, and other critical facilities.

“This innovative software solution is ideal for healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and retail sectors who usually look for improving safety in facilities where their employees or customers work,” commented Ramandeep Singh, CEO of ACL Digital. Also, highlighting the benefit of the solution, he added, “The aggregation software solution makes it feasible to meet the ultra-low latency needs of these use cases while delivering aggregation and dis-aggregation functionality.”

Meanwhile, speaking about the solution, Narendra Dhara, CTO & Senior VP, Cloud & Infrastructure, informed, “WireZAP is a unique solution that supports super scalable throughput and minimizes latencies down to a few hundred nanoseconds, roughly an order of 1000 times improvement." He also emphasized that “The DPDK-based solution can overcome the challenges faced by customers to achieve ultra-low latency, high throughput, and low jitter. It addresses the need to improve facility design and safety in hospital patient rooms, large data rooms and warehouses. It is a low cost, highly scalable and reliable solution for various emerging uses across several industry segments."

The solution helps improve safety in critical facilities while reducing the costs and complexity of operations. It can also accelerate the packet processing workloads where there is a requirement of ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth massive interconnect.

About ACL Digital:

A pioneer in delivering Business Innovation, Integration and Transformation through disruptive technologies, ACL Digital brings in competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business challenges. With a multicultural and transnational talent and as part of the ALTEN Group comprising over 33,800+ employees spread across more than 25 countries, it promotes a collaborative knowledge-building environment. Also, the company’s network infrastructure services include developing SDN controller and applications, VNF development, NFVi development, Integration & validation, protocol development & implementation, interoperability testing and wireless network infrastructure support.

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