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Experience Amplified Personalized Learning and Training with ACL Learn

Press Release
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January 27, 2021

ACL Digital launches an adaptive and interactive learning experience platform (LXP) to fulfil the comprehensive training needs of enterprises and educational institutions.

A market leader in design-led Digital Experience, Product Innovation, Solutions, and Consulting offerings, ACL Digital today announced the launch of its learning experience platform, ACL Learn. With an intuitive, easy to navigate and customizable learning experience, ACL Learn enables organizations to advance their employee, partner, and customer with an all-in-one learning platform.

As technology continues to evolve and change at lightning speed, organizations need to act faster and smarter to be ahead of the game. ACL Learn’s robust framework platform delivers highly scalable learning solutions that can easily integrate with a host of company collaboration and course development tools for an uninterrupted learning experience. From enabling employees’ skill enhancement to meet training and development goals to creating fun and engaging learning experience with gamification, ACL Digital’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) facilitates and delivers training programs securely and reliably for both organizations and educational institutions.

Outlining the need and benefits of the LXP Platform, ACL CEO Ramandeep Singh said, “Just as the business landscape and the way we do business keeps evolving, so should the way we take care of our employees’ learning and development. With the global presence and distributed workforce in different time zones, it becomes even more important for organizations to facilitate a learning platform that allows anytime, anywhere and on any device learning. ACL Learn, the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) developed by ACL Digital, helps organizations and educational institutions develop, deploy and maintain relevant and engaging learning content accessible at all times for learners to access as per their pace and convenience.”

Talking about the features of ACL Learn and how it empowers future-ready employees, Suresh Venkateswaran, VP, Digital Engineering Solutions said, “To embrace the challenges of the future, employees need to be equipped with the best learning tools to discover learning opportunities, enhance them and manage their learning. For maintaining employee engagement and improving efficiency, organizations need to create, nurture, and promote an employee-centric and personalized learning culture. ACL Learn is a dynamic LXP capable of evolving with the changing learning needs to help organizations and educational institutions track their employees’ and students’ learning progress while identifying new learning opportunities for future.”

Built on an open architecture to support extensibility, ACL Learn is an adaptive and employee/student-centric learning platform customized to suit the specific user’s learning and training needs. With a seamless content delivery system, the learning platform is the powerhouse of content management, knowledge management, and learning systems, ensuring easy access, personalization, and modern content consumption.

About ACL Digital:

A pioneer in delivering Business Innovation, Integration, and Transformation through disruptive technologies, ACL Digital, a part of the ALTEN Group, brings competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business challenges. Having worked with some of the biggest and most reputed universities, ACL Digital provides Online Education and e-Learning solutions to global Educational Institutions, Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, EdTech, and Test Administration companies. Touching 1M+ Students, our LXP creates a profound impact on the higher education value chain, making it more robust, effective, and driving better outcomes.

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