The design and verification services we offer include the development of RTL for a wide range of applications, including networking, wireless, automotive, and consumer electronics. Our team has the skills to develop new algorithms or implement designs from customer MATLAB or SystemC models.

ACL Digital provides a comprehensive range of verification services to achieve first-pass silicon. We apply various techniques, including coverage-driven constrained random verification using UVM with SystemVerilog. Our verification experience includes using VIPs to verify complex interfaces such as PCIe and 10/100Gb Ethernet, UPF for multiple power-down systems, and the verification of complex AMBA-based bus systems with embedded processor cores. We also have experience in verifying both multi-processor digital and mixed-signal chips.

Design and Verification Services:

  • System testing and verification
  • Test bench development
  • RTL verification
  • Post-synthesis simulation
Overview Design and Verification