Product companies are reconsidering their markets, product development, and sales strategies with the deluge of new technologies coupled with fluctuations brought on by the economic ripples in recent years. It is essential to reduce additional costs, size, and complexities for process innovation. ACL Digital delivers next-generation embedded software and embedded systems engineering solutions that help outrun these business difficulties.

Innovative designs must be suitable when introducing a new product in a highly competitive market. You can depend on ACL Digital for cost-efficient embedded engineering services and solutions from platform development to OS/application porting and wired/wireless connectivity to overall system tuning. We have extensive experience in firmware development services and have worked with the top industry players who offer highly advanced solutions to their end customers. We provide these end-to-end solutions tailored for multiple industry-standard platforms to ensure faster time to market for our customers.


Our End-to-End Embedded Engineering Expertise

As a leader in designing and developing embedded systems software across industries, we primarily focus on integrating your in-house processes and system to deliver an engineering solution with minimal disruption effortlessly. Check out our expertise below:


  • Performance optimization for low-powered battery-operated applications
  • Embedded cloud integration agent, SDK/middle layer development
  • Linux Yocto, FreeRTOS, Android, and MBedOS porting/hardening
  • Multimedia processing, edge processing, and device virtualization
  • Embedded system integration
  • Microcontroller/RTOS-based firmware development
  • Board bring-up and BSP development
  • OTA Programming
  • Device driver/Interface development
  • Wireless connectivity based on Wi-Fi, BLE Mesh, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, & WAN technologies like LTEM, NBIoT, 4G LTE, and 5G