The urgency with which new apps are built, deployed and promoted often leads to compromises in security elements. One of the prevailing reasons is the disconnect between DevOps and the security team. Cybercriminals take advantage of applications' minor security deficiencies and vulnerabilities, costing enterprises substantial financial, operational, and reputational damages.

The plurality of open-source libraries in apps has led to countless breaches throughout the digital ecosystem. With a practical approach in place and professional application security expertise, the inefficiency and susceptibility of the software development lifecycle can be dealt with for data protection and overall application security.

ACL Digital positions a comprehensive, scalable, and highly collaborative approach in place to understand customer requirements and help them prevent data leaks & exposure, cyber-attacks,  injections etc, and enhance overall software security.

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Application security offerings

We facilitate high-end application security by utilizing best-in-market technologies, accurate security assessment methodologies, and proven security best practices:

Application Security Consulting
Our expert security strategists and consultants analyze the application ecosystem and help organizations plan and adopt intelligent security solutions.
DevSecOps Services
Eliminate the void between IT and security through successful DevSecOps implementation, facilitating a viable security future.
Data Security Services
Helping organizations uplift security readiness and prevention capabilities to safeguard critical business data against constantly increasing data security risks.
Application Penetration Testing
Discovering application vulnerabilities and issues using different types of modern penetration testing methods (black box, White box etc.) for prompt remediation.