Since the applications have started moving to the cloud and users are increasingly using mobile, the stack of security appliances configured in the data center cannot manage the changing traffic patterns. The traditional network security model is fading away when it comes to the management of multi-cloud infrastructure. This model forces all traffic through the centralized data center for security and access controls, along with SaaS applications designed to be accessed directly through local internet breakouts.

ACL Digital’s cloud security solution enables local internet breakouts with full security controls. ACL Digital delivers cloud-based SASE solutions for next-gen firewalls, SSL inspection, IPsec VPN, and cloud Brokerage in a unified framework model. It’s a VNF provided as a service from any public cloud and can be deployed in any private cloud environment. ACL Digital’s cloud security solution features include the following:

  • Safeguard user access from anywhere to cloud services
  • Protect critical data and intellectual property wherever it’s used
  • Simplify cloud security policy management and operations
Overview-Cloud Security


Cloud Access Service Brokerage (CASB)

Data protection across SaaS applications prevents employees from accidentally sharing sensitive data. It provides compliance visibility and mitigates violations across SaaS applications while ensuring organizational best practices with automated remediation.

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Cloud Firewall

Cloud-delivered firewall enables faster performance and consistent security policies across all users. It provides consistent performance and auto-scalable functionalities with a deeper understanding of ports and protocols, security analysis, and predictive capabilities.

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Cloud VPN

Cloud-Native VNF application provides IPsec tunnel establishment, termination, and service gateway functions. It delivers VPN connectivity to remote and enterprise users, ensuring Site to Site and Remote access VPN for large-scale deployments.

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Deploy cloud security service at lower TCO


Eliminate the need for multiple-pointed solutions


Eliminate gaps in cloud security policy settings