Security capabilities and controls must also shift to the cloud as the enterprise network gets more de-centralized, with more users directly connected to the internet and SaaS-based applications. SaaS applications have fundamentally changed how employees do their jobs and accomplish corporate goals.

ACL Digital enables cloud service providers and security product vendors to rapidly build API connectors, develop cloud management portals and integrate SaaS applications to empower enterprises to adopt any cloud services securely. Our system integration team helps deploy, integrate, and automate the cloud management platform, which includes the following elements:

  • Develop a self-service portal and control panel using open-source tools and technologies
  • Integrate product and service catalogs from multiple IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS service providers
  • Deploy orchestration and automation engine for Task Automation and Cloud Lifecycle Management
  • Integrate ITSM engine to provide complete ITSM and CMDB services
  • Integrate 3rd party billing engine to extract and aggregate the consumption and usage-based metrics for internal chargeback and show-back reporting
Overview-Cloud Access Security Brokarage


ACL Digital has been a pioneer in outsourced product and solution engineering services with a clear focus on delivering scalable, connected products and platforms leveraging traditional, digital innovation and niche technologies in the service functions. The critical solution engineering tenets are:

Solution Engineering

  • Solution Design, Development, and Deployment
  • Product Road Map and Technology assessment
  • Pilot POC and Pre-production rollout
  • Consulting Services

System Integration

  • Service Integration for Metering and Chargeback
  • Integration with ITSM tools for Incident Management
  • LDAP integration for Active Directory Services
  • SaaS Application Integration with Cloud Management Layer

Professional Services

  • Product Support Services
  • Multi-cloud Management and Support
  • Customer Rollout and Managed Services
  • Software Release and Version Management



CASB solution on virtual appliance


Can be hosted on- premise, any virtual infrastructure or any public cloud environment


Ease of adoption, collaboration and sharing