Digital innovations have paved the way for visibility and control of remote workforce, cloud connectivity, and devices outside the enterprise IT landscape. The perimeter has grown beyond enterprise walls, making it complex for security consultants to verify user identities and the trustworthiness of devices before granting access to enterprise applications and data. Enterprises need to design a Zero Trust Model for authenticating every user and device before giving access to mission-critical applications and IT assets. 

ACL Digital’s SecureMAX framework provides a custom MDM/MAM framework to manage the BYOD devices from the SecureMAX web Console securely. The framework enables enterprises to implement BYOD solutions, distribute and manage applications, and remotely lock or wipe the devices when needed, with the potential to scale to various other MDM/MAM use cases. SecureMAX Mobile Application enables provisioning and control of the mobile devices and apps installed. ACL Digital’s MDM features are:

Overview-Mobile Device Management
  • Device Provisioning/Tracking - Visibility into the usage and status of the mobile devices. Track the online/offline status of the device in the SecureMAX admin console
  • Secure Access Control - Complete control over all the applications from a single screen with the feature to reset, lock and wipe devices remotely to protect against data loss
  • Three Tier Architecture - Divided layers with a specific responsibility bringing separated business logic layer from the presentation layer and used for any MDM solutions
  • Scalable - Depending on the specific requirements, the plugins/modules can be extended, and different MDM features can be built on the framework



Data security for securing devices and the data


Lower TCO with scalable and secure environment for BYOD users


Centralized policy enforcement



BYOD support to enable organizations to roll out BYOD policies


On-demand Flexible Deployment Mode