Edge Computing: The Next Step in Technological Development

Edge computing continues to evolve beyond IoT and has become a driving force for technological development, with complementary technologies such as 5G. Download the whitepaper to discover how it will drive the need for service offerings and the rising demand for hybrid cloud capabilities.

Edge computing was once considered only relevant to the Internet of Things (IoT). However, due to the technological advancements and commoditization of AI/ML, it has become a hot topic beyond just IoT. Everyone, from start-ups to significant cloud players, focuses on it because of its operational benefits and business potential. Edge computing is evolving from IoT to complement cloud computing as a distributed cloud and an intermediate step to the computing continuum and swarm computing.

This computing paradigm drives technological development, and complementary technologies such as 5G communications are emerging. Despite standardization and convergence, edge introduces complexity and ecosystem variety to the end-to-end value chain, creating a significant opportunity for service integrators. The rising demand for hybrid cloud capabilities and edge computing will drive the need for service offerings that meet the specifics of on-premises and embedded systems. To learn more about the evolution of edge computing, its potential benefits, and impact on the technology industry, download the whitepaper now.