Porting MFC/WIN32 Applications to MAC OS X

Mac OS X supports multiple development technologies like the Cocoa object-oriented framework, to compensate J2SE 1.3 and 1.4.2 implementations, of common UNIX tools and scripting languages. Apple provides advanced XCode Tools, which is a software development environment. We have VC++, VB, JavaScript and VB script in Visual Studio in Windows, similarly XCode in MAC.

All the information about the installed applications is stored in configuration files, like the registry information in Windows. Mac uses CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) as a default Printer driver. Darwin Kernel environment, BSD libraries and BSD command environment which performs the operations of Kernel, like User and GDI in Windows OS. Quartz in Mac OS X is like GDI and GDI+ in Windows which is used for graphics and windowing environment. 

The OpenGL framework in Mac OS X includes a highly optimized implementation of the OpenGL libraries that provides high-quality graphics which is also available in Windows.