Surveillance Capitalism - Safeguarding your digital footprint in public

These days organizations are collecting and scrutinizing the users’ online behaviors (social networks, purchases, searches, likes, dislikes, and more) to produce data that can be used for commercial purposes.

When you search for something innocuous like protein powder, vacation ideas, or a pair of shoes, you know what happens next. Multiple ads on different platforms about similar services or products are thrown up everywhere and follow us around as we navigate the internet. This phenomenon was once strange, but these things now often happen that we are acclimated to it as a fact of contemporary life.

According to Shoshana Zuboff’s new book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” Zuboff offers an alarming picture of how Silicon Valley and other business organizations are mining users’ information to foresee and influence their behavior.

Download the whitepaper to get insightful information about surveillance capitalism and how to protect your digital footprint.

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