Understanding the Role of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh Network in Android

The impact of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh network has been widely and substantially felt, most prominently in tablets and smartphones, including wearable technologies, health and fitness, and smart homes. Download the whitepaper for more detailed and insightful information.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a new paradigm that enables mesh networking among wirelessly interconnected devices. It can be used in conventional networking applications like industrial automation home automation, smart lighting, asset tracking, proximity detection, and more. Also, it is a prominent low-power wireless connectivity technology used to broadcast information between devices, transfer data, and stream audio.

BLE mesh network assists in extending range, resilience, rapid adoption, and standardization, permitting more devices to be compatible. It will improve the competence of Bluetooth technology in IoT applications facilitating the transfer of data through mesh networks in various settings. With pin-point configuration of appropriate parameters and proper deployment of the protocol stack, Bluetooth mesh would be able to strengthen the operation of complex networks with numerous devices.