Verification and Validation

Industry-leading practices for secure verification and validation of the Software Lifecycle Management process. Check out the whitepaper for more information.

Quality assurance and quality control are two key aspects of the software lifecycle management process. With an evolving, diverse, and dynamic technology roadmap and the pace at which they are adopted by the industry, there are huge possibilities for security vulnerabilities and exploitation risks. While it is indispensable to build enterprise applications by following the principles of secure by design, privacy by design, and compliance by design, it is equally indispensable to validate and verify the outcome to ensure that the principles and best practices are adequately followed.

Security testing for the entire application portfolio needs to be automated and included as part of the organization’s strategy for regulated digital transformation. This will help the enterprise is becoming more secure and establish a security maturity baseline with which the application portfolio should always comply.

There are a few highly recommended use cases where security testing must be performed and other use cases, even though optional, could also be considered keeping the risk impact in mind.